Bullworker Iso-Bow Exerciser

Isometric / Iso-Motion Pocket Exerciser with CHART
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Bullworker Iso-Bow Exerciser

Need More Information?
Iso-Bow is a convenient fitness device designed for enhancing stretches to increase flexibility and relieve pain, resistance training for stronger muscles, and fat burning to tone your body. Isometric exercises engage more muscle fibers and are up to 66% faster at building strength than lifting weights.

Low Impact & Safe
0-800 lbs of resistance
Perfect for Yoga, Pilates, Golf, Strength Training, or any of your exercise needs
Designed as a static fitness device giving you complete control and durability – does not stretch
Free online fitness videos and Exercise Card

The ultimate fitness companion fits in a pocket, purse, or bag for safe convenient fitness anywhere you go. Take complete control for all fitness levels to reach your desired results.

Improve Mental Health
Lower Stress Levels
Release Tension
Relieve Pain
Improve Posture
Speed Up Recovery

How it works?
Take complete control with the immediate response with your Iso-Bow. Create your desired tension by pulling the Iso-Bow apart. Use light tension and focus on improving your body’s natural range of motion or maximum tension for muscle strengthening. The harder you pull the more tension you create. You control the resistance, you control the results.

Experience deeper more effective stretches with added length to make difficult stretches easier.

Fastest way to improve flexibility

PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching is a set of stretching techniques used to rapidly enhance both active and passive range of motion for improved motor performance and aid in muscle rehabilitation.

PNF stretching required a partner in the past, but now the Iso-Bow gives you the choice to enjoy the benefits by yourself or with a friend.

Typically a PNF stretch involves placing your target muscle on stretch followed by an isometric contraction. The isometric contraction should last between 6 - 8 seconds at 10% - 60% of maximal effort - always start slow and gradually increase effort as you become more comfortable.

After the isometric contraction relax your targeted muscle and move into a greater position of stretch. You will notice your tight muscle has relaxed and your range of motion has lengthened.

What is included?
Iso-Bow 0 - 800 LBS resistance strap
Rotational Handles
Informational Card
Free Online Video Routines

warning prop 65 Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov