The trip to the fitness gym is something which can be a social occasion as well as the opportunity to keep trim. But not everyone has the time to make that trip, so as an alternative for keep fit regime can be carried out in the home and those keep fit fanatics can get the home fitness equipment online. That’s the easy way, as there are plenty of times to look through the products at leisure. The Convenience Boutique is quite often used by busy people who don't have time to drive from one store to another. There are obviously all sorts of pieces of equipment and each is made to tone up particular muscles. Our store has the most popular machines and weights, which can be purchased online to ensure the best home fitness equipment is in the house.

With trusted brands, our sporting goods department is at the cutting edge of home recreation and hobbies.

Our Home Gym Equipment run the gamut between aerobics and mind-body activities like Pilates and yoga. Training tools are our specialty, and we have a growing library of items for speed and fitness training at all age and skill levels. We take our outdoor activities seriously and provide camping equipment like portable chairs and sleeping bags, as well as our signature child and pet trailers for biking attachment. With our flexible gymnastic mats and Workout Mats, we have become a favorite among home sports fanatics.


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Total Body Works 5000 Weider

Designed for a complete workout, the new and improved Weider Total Body Works 5000 is perfect for both upper and lower anatomy exercises
$314.99 $153.25

Total Core 2

Gain the perfect body that you've always wanted with this awesome Ab Workout Machine from Total Core.
$83.48 $62.99

Treadmill Folding Electric Portable 500W Black

If you have little time to go the gym, go running, or are prevented from running due to bad weather, this is the solution. With this treadmill, your home is your gymnasium that will help you stay in shape.
$304.45 $211.98

Treadmill Folding Electric Portable 500W Orange

If you have little time to go the gym, go running, or are prevented from running due to bad weather, this is the solution. With this treadmill, your home is your gymnasium that will help you stay in shape.
$367.45 $261.61

Tummy Tuck Miracle Slimming System - Size 1

The revolutionary Tummy Tuck Belt: Gives you an instant slimming look.
$104.99 $61.94

Tummy Tuck Miracle Slimming System - Size 2

The revolutionary Tummy Tuck Belt: Gives you an instant slimming look.
$104.99 $61.94

Tummy Tuck Miracle Slimming System - Size 3

The revolutionary Tummy Tuck Belt: Gives you an instant slimming look.
$104.99 $61.94

Twist and Shape Fitness Exercise Stepper

Offering a full cardio workout, strengthening your muscle, his air climber can help you get a shapely and toned body as well as full body workout. Its delicate design of the way to generating the pressure reduces the movement damage to a minimum, suitable for people of all ages, especially those who has limited time to exercise.
$104.99 $50.39

Wall Flex Pro Fitness System

Wall Flex – Pro is an exciting new multi-training system that can be easily installed on the wall of room. It is a convenient workout powerhouse housed inside an 18” modular, semi-portable unit with bands that are guaranteed to stay in place throughout the most strenuous exercise. It tones and strengthens muscles, burns calories, and facilitates weight loss quickly and safely.
$419.99 $314.99

Weight Bench with 80 lb Weight Set Workout Exercise Lifting Press

The standard Bench comes with 80 lb weight set and easily adjusts for your training needs with both flat and incline positions.
$262.45 $170.58

AB and Core Straps

Maximize your core workout with the Ab and Core Straps
$31.49 $24.14

Ab Circle Pro Exercise Machine

Improve your fitness and muscle definition with the amazing Ab Circle Pro. Targeting multiple muscle groups in one simple exercise and motion, 3 minutes on the Ab Circle is the equivalent to 100 sit ups.

$167.99 $62.99

Abdominal Roller Wheel Workout Exercise

This wheel targets your abs, shoulders, arms, and back for a strength building workout.
$41.48 $15.02

Abs Rower Plus Exercise Equipment

Abs Rower Plus targets your abs with no back or neck strain. This item is made of safe, durable material and fits easily in a suitcase.
$62.99 $41.43

Adjustable Folding Ab Decline Sit Up Bench With Resistance Bands - Gray and Black

This fitness bench has a durable bench along with two resistance bands so you can make it a full body workout. This combines all the equipment you need to get a great workout into one efficient product.
$116.85 $65.98

Adjustable Weight Set Dumbbells - 2.5 Lbs. - 12.5 Lbs. - 25 Lbs. total

2 dumbbells adjustable from 2 to 12.5 lbs.
$188.48 $117.48

Aerobic Waist Twister/Stepper Fitness Machine w/ Dumbbells

This versatile machine allows you full range of motion through stepping, twisting and dumbbell workouts all in one.
$209.99 $88.61

Air Climber Stepper Fitness Exercise Machine

This lightweight air climber helps you to enjoy a low impact but effective workout that lets you burn more calories easily.
$167.99 $87.66

Body Champ BRM3681 Cardio Dual Trainer

Get the body that you always wanted with this dual trainer. The seat adjusts to fit different heights, letting you share the exercise machine with others, and the padded seat offers a level of comfort during your workout. It functions as both an exercise bike and an elliptical, giving you multiple ways to exercise. An included DVD features additional routines that you can do on the piece, and it has twenty different programs that let you work your way up to the more advanced levels.
$650.48 $397.90

Body-Solid Powerline Home Gym

Safely performs more than 40 different exercises
$1,676.80 $1,333.45

Bow Extension from Bullworker includes FREE Iso-Bow

Bullworker is “redefining fitness” with the Bow Extension… a trainer accessory that provides CORE STRENGTH by ROTATIONAL, LIFTING & Iso-Motion exercises with your Bullworker or by itself.
$83.95 $54.80

Burn Cellulite Sauna Slimming Belt

Using the perspiration method to shape up body to get the desired body curve and waist line.
$33.55 $19.94

CAP Barbell Flat/Incline/Decline Bench

Vary your workout with 4 different flat, incline, and decline positions
$157.49 $88.40

Cardio Twister

Combining upper body twisting action with lower body stepping motion, this Cardio Twister Machine will have you in top cardiovascular condition in no time.
$346.49 $94.49

Chest Magic Exerciser

Train your upper body and abs in just minutes a day with Chest Magic. Its unique, U-shaped sliding motion targets a variety of muscle groups, replacing the need for several machines at the gym.
$184.79 $104.99

Circle Glide Exerciser

This amazing device Circle Glide will allow you to work all the major muscles in your body. You can get leaner legs, tone your abs and firm your buns in no time.
$125.99 $79.79

Danskin Waist Trimmer Belt

Target that soft belly region that never seems to trim down with the DANSKIN Waist
$47.79 $29.56

Diving Set Snorkel Mask for Adults 2 Sets

This diving set contains 2 masks and 2 snorkels. It's a true blend of style and performance and a perfect choice for diving enthusiasts.
$66.88 $39.34

Fitness Aerobic Stepper Platform 27" - Adjustable 4" - 6"

This set is great for workout classes, in your home, office or take it with you to your friends' home!
$62.99 $38.27

Fitness Workout Home Gym without Weights

The home gym is ideal for a full body home workout.
$349.76 $205.74

Folding Exercise Fitness Glider Machine Ellipticals Sports Trainer with Pedometer

The elliptical trainer provides extra comfort and added stability with its high-density foam covered handlebars and nonskid foot platforms.
$230.99 $118.22

Go Caddies Water Bottle Holder

Perfect for Cruises, Day Trips, Walking, Sporting Events or Fitness Activities.
$52.45 $20.99

Home Gym 2-Shelf Dumbbell Barbell Weight Rack

The 2-shelf dumbbell and barbell rack makes a great addition to any home or professional gym.
$233.34 $137.26

Home Gym Abdominal Machine 45 Degree Hyperextension Roman Chair

This core abdominal workout machine is the perfect mix of efficiency, strength and flexibility training.
$199.45 $139.11

Home Gym Barbell and 2 Dumbbell Set

This set of ergonomically designed barbell/dumbbell set will allow you to workout at the comfort of your home. The set includes 16 weight discs of 126.8 lb in total weight, 1 barbell, 2 dumbbells, and 6 caps.
$341.08 $200.63

Home Gym Barbell and 2 Dumbbell Set

This barbell/dumbbell set allows you to workout in the convenience of your home. The set weights 67.2 pounds in total, and contains 12 weight discs of 2.8 pounds, 5.5 pounds, and 11 pounds.
$186.40 $109.65

Home Gym Exercise Fitness Decline Sit Up Bench with 6.6 lb Dumbbells

This high-quality, multifunctional sit up bench is an indispensible piece of equipment for people who like to exercise at home.
$140.06 $82.39

Home Gym Fitness Barbell with Plates Set

This straight dumbbell bar with a 132 lb capacity comes with 8 different weight plates which are plastic coated to reduce noise.
$326.20 $191.88

Home Gym Fitness Exercise Dumbbells - 66 lb

This ergonomic dumbbell set has a total weight of 66 lb. The weight plates are covered with robust, floor-friendly plastic, which eliminates the clanging sounds of the weights.
$190.11 $111.83

Home Gym Fitness Multi-Functional Workout

Get ripped in the comfort of your own home with our multi-functional home gym! With this fully equipped power station, you will be able to do a complete workout at home, and avoid the expense of going to a gym!
$1,008.50 $593.24

Home Gym Fitness Multi-Functional Workout with 1 Boxing Bag

Get ripped in the comfort of your own home with our multi-functional home gym with 1 boxing bag! With this fully-equipped power station you'll be able to do a complete workout at home and avoid the expense of going to a gym!
$1,239.24 $728.97

Home Gym System 214 lb Stack Weider 2980 X

Build and tone your entire body with the Weider Home Gym
$839.99 $399.99

Home Gym Ultimate Body Works Incline Adjustable Workout Bench

Versatile system offers over 50 body-shaping exercises
$524.99 $185.73

Home Gym Workout Squat Barbell Rack Set

This heavy duty barbell rack set is ideal for home gym, personal trainer, or barbell training.
$149.77 $88.10

Hula Hoop to Lose Weight Magnetic Therapy Massage

This Magnetic Massage Health Hula Hoop has a therapeutic effect, helping you get in shape, strengthen your abdomen and lower back while improving your blood circulation.
$33.59 $21.16

iPhone 4 4S 5 5S 5C Case Sports Armband pouch

Secured sports armband Pouch Case for iPhone 5 will allow you to exercise and listen to music!
$31.49 $8.39

Isometric Grip

The IGRIP is an isometric resistance trainer that provides low impact muscle-strengthening workout.
$104.99 $94.49

Leg Magic Exercise Machine

Leg Magic's unique lateral gliding motion works with gravity to work the muscles that squats and leg presses can't touch, in just a fraction of the time it takes for other workouts.
$104.99 $62.95

Marcy 150 lbs. Stack Gym

This versatile gym features an adjustable preacher curl bicep pad for isolated bicep exercises, high and low pulley stations, and a 150-pound vinyl-coated weight stack
$629.99 $524.99

Marcy Diamond Elite Olympic Bench MD-879

Increase overall body strength and lean muscle mass while increasing your metabolic rate to burn calories.
$418.94 $267.70