The trip to the fitness gym is something which can be a social occasion as well as the opportunity to keep trim. But not everyone has the time to make that trip, so as an alternative for keep fit regime can be carried out in the home and those keep fit fanatics can get the home fitness equipment online. That’s the easy way, as there are plenty of times to look through the products at leisure. The Convenience Boutique is quite often used by busy people who don't have time to drive from one store to another. There are obviously all sorts of pieces of equipment and each is made to tone up particular muscles. Our store has the most popular machines and weights, which can be purchased online to ensure the best home fitness equipment is in the house.

With trusted brands, our sporting goods department is at the cutting edge of home recreation and hobbies.

Our Home Gym Equipment run the gamut between aerobics and mind-body activities like Pilates and yoga. Training tools are our specialty, and we have a growing library of items for speed and fitness training at all age and skill levels. We take our outdoor activities seriously and provide camping equipment like portable chairs and sleeping bags, as well as our signature child and pet trailers for biking attachment. With our flexible gymnastic mats and Workout Mats, we have become a favorite among home sports fanatics.


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Home Gym System 214 lb Stack Weider 2980 X

Build and tone your entire body with the Weider Home Gym
$839.99 $399.99

Home Gym Ultimate Body Works Incline Adjustable Workout Bench

Versatile system offers over 50 body-shaping exercises
$524.99 $185.73

Home Gym Workout Squat Barbell Rack Set

This heavy duty barbell rack set is ideal for home gym, personal trainer, or barbell training.
$140.94 $82.91

Hula Hoop to Lose Weight Magnetic Therapy Massage

This Magnetic Massage Health Hula Hoop has a therapeutic effect, helping you get in shape, strengthen your abdomen and lower back while improving your blood circulation.
$33.59 $21.16

iPhone 4 4S 5 5S 5C Case Sports Armband pouch

Secured sports armband Pouch Case for iPhone 5 will allow you to exercise and listen to music!
$31.49 $8.39

Isometric Grip

The IGRIP is an isometric resistance trainer that provides low impact muscle-strengthening workout.
$248.51 $129.95

Marcy 150 lbs. Stack Gym

This versatile gym features an adjustable preacher curl bicep pad for isolated bicep exercises, high and low pulley stations, and a 150-pound vinyl-coated weight stack
$629.99 $524.99

Marcy Wrist and Forearm Developer

Designed to strengthen the forearm, wrist, and fingers, the Marcy Wrist and Forearm Developer builds the flexor and extensor muscles, while enhancing your grip strength.
$79.33 $29.99

Multi-Grip Chin-Up Pull-Up Bar Heavy Duty Doorway Trainer Home Gym Workout

Multi-Grip Chin-Up Pull-Up Bar Heavy Duty Doorway Trainer Home Gym Workout
$104.99 $35.54

Nautilus R514C Recumbent Bike

Bring terrific function and superb convenience to your home gym with the Nautilus R514C Recumbent Bike.
$1,049.99 $839.99

Nautilus R514c Recumbent Exercise Bike

20 different programs, variety to help keep you motivated for the results you want
$1,159.95 $999.95

Omron HBF-306C Fat Loss Monitor with Two Modes (Black)

The Omron HBF-306C Body Fat Analyzer measures your body fat with a gentle, micro electrical current -- don't worry, you won't feel it.
$149.95 $99.99

Plate CAP Barbell 2.5 Lbs

CAP Barbell cast iron weight plates come in a variety of weight levels to let you customize your workout.
$34.13 $20.99

Pro Upright Stationary Exercise Cycling Bike with LCD Monitor - Black and Red

Improve your cardiovascular health, burn fat and increase leg strength in the comfort of your home with this Soozier indoor spin bike.
$408.32 $211.29

ProForm Booty Firm

Get incredible results with the ProForm Booty Firm! With 10 levels of resistance, you can personalize every workout for customized results
$251.99 $189.95

Raspberry Ketone Advance Natural Fat Burner 60 Capsules

Discover the secret hormone that occurs in your body naturally that "shrinks" fat cells while you sleep
$47.24 $31.49

Relax & Toner Massager

The Relax & Tone Mambo body massager has stylish, lightweight design and rotational massaging action. It is a very powerful and quiet body massager. The Mambo body massager can effectively soothe aching muscles while helping you massage areas of the body you are targeting in your weight-loss/fitness routines. The Mambo body massager may be used on the waistline, neck shoulder, arms, hips, thighs and calf areas.
$189.95 $79.95

Resistance Tube Kit Long Series

This resistance tube kit has three long resistance tubes, and each has a different level of resistance.
$99.99 $59.99

Schwinn 520 Reclined Elliptical Trainer

Workout in comfort to better health
$1,049.99 $799.50

Slendertone Ab Toner Slendertone Flex Pro 7 Program

The Slendertone Flex Pro 7 Program Ab Toner delivers the improvement of abdominal muscle tone, for the strengthening of the abdominal muscles and for the development of a firmer abdomen.
$199.99 $139.95

Slimming Belt Belly Burner

You can melt the fat around your waist by wearing this belt during your regular activities. You can also wear it while walking, cycling, jogging, weightlifting, and other exercises.
$47.78 $7.49

Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine with Free Motion Arms & Thick Padded Seat

Enjoy one of the best all-around activities for cardiovascular fitness and strength with the Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine
$589.95 $399.95

Tower 200 Body by Jake

Tower 200 uses multi-tension Power Cords and gives you up to 200 pounds of explosive resistance and over 200 exercises.
$157.49 $83.99

Tummy Tuck Miracle Slimming System

The revolutionary Tummy Tuck Belt: Gives you an instant slimming look.
$125.95 $59.99

Twist Mini Stepper with Handle Bar

Twist action to help tone buttocks and thighs
$208.94 $105.20

Universal Power-Pak 445 Adjustable Dumbbells with Stand (Combo)

Offering an ideal combination of performance and space-saving ingenuity, the Universal Power Pak dumbbell and stand set is a great choice for athletes and beginning weight trainers alike.
$525.20 $279.25

Upright Stationary Exercise Cycling Bike w/ LCD Monitor - Red and Black

Improve your cardiovascular health, burn fat and increase leg strength in the comfort of your home with this indoor spin bike.
$306.56 $179.59

Vibro Shape Belt to lose weight

Vibro shape is a AB toning system which uses a unique oscillating massage action to tone up specific body parts - waist and abs, hips, buns, thighs, arms and other problem areas.
$104.99 $59.99

Weider SpeedWeight 90 (10-45 lbs.) Adjustable Dumbbell Set with Stand

The Weider 90-Pound Adjustable Speed Weight Dumbbell Set is the ultimate in weight training convenience
$599.95 $309.95

Weight Loss Belly Burner Belt

Start losing inches around your waist and love handles just by wearing the belt during your daily activities or exercise
$104.99 $28.97

Weight Plates 22 lb - 2 pcs

These 2 weight plates are suitable for all your professional weight-training at home. Each weight plate weights 22 lb.
$90.37 $53.16

Workout Fitness 11 lb Weight Plates - 4 pcs

This set of four 11 lb weight plates is suitable for professional dumbbell workouts at home. The weight plates are covered with robust, floor-friendly rubber.
$91.84 $54.03

Folding Tumbling Gymnastics Mat Pink/Purple - 4' x 10' x 2"

Want a comfortable and perfect exercising experience? This 4’ x 10’ x 2’ exercise mat is highly recommended when u take exercises, such as yoga or Pilate.
$215.51 $130.40

Folding Tumbling Gymnastics Mat Green / Black - 4' x 10' x 2"

This 4’ x 10’ x 2’ exercise mat is highly recommended when u take exercises, such as yoga or Pilate.
$209.95 $117.47

Folding Gymnastics Mat Multi-Color - 4' x 10' x 2"

Gymnastic mat can be used for various physical activities not only in gymnastics but also for yoga, dancing, light stretching, wrestling, martial arts, and general exercise.
$215.95 $130.89

Adjustable Lifting Flat Incline Fitness Weight Bench

This is our new weight bench, which makes work more effective, as well as adds strength and tone to the entire abdominal section.
$188.95 $125.99

Bullworker Pro System Workout Home Gym

Now own and train like a "Pro" with the complete Bullworker "Barbell / Dumbbell" cross-training Home Gym equipment.
$419.95 $314.95

Home Gym Weight Training Exercise Workout Equipment Strength Machine Fitness

This complete workout unit includes everything you need to engage your entire body for better health and more powerful, lean muscle growth.
$759.95 $392.98

Chin Up Stand Pull Up Bar Dip Power Tower Fitness Home Gym Workout

This is our chin up stand. Designed with durability in mind, this heavy duty, steel frame is ready to take on any challenge you put forth, whether you're a long time fitness buff or just getting started.
$279.95 $199.99

2 Tier 40" Barbell Dumbbell Rack Weights Storage Stand Home Gym Bench Base

This is our new barbell and weights storage rack, which is perfect for storing barbells and weights for exercising. It features solid steel frame and base, 2-tier with 7 rods for weights storage, and 4-tier barbell racks.
$160.60 $91.88

Chin up Pull up Doorway Mounted Home Gym Fitness Bar

This is our doorway pull-up device. This item is easy and convenient to use and it does not need fasteners for the doorway.
$62.99 $33.59

Tower Rack Dip Station Chin Up Pull Up Weight Stand Bar Raise Workout Home Gym

This is our new chin up rack stand, which is perfect for tightening your core muscle and strengthening your arm. It has multiple training functions, such as the dip station, knee raise, leg raise, pull ups and more. Moreover, the comfortable pads designed in ergonomic angle are good to reduce the stress of shoulders and protect your forearm when exercising.
$209.95 $146.46

Fitness Air Walker Glider Exercise Machine Workout

This new air walker is excellent and professional for indoor walking and exercising.
$249.95 $165.89

Cardio Stationary Bicycle Recumbent Fitness Exercise Bike Workout Home Gym

This is our gray recumbent exercise bike. This recumbent exercise bike has a compact design and smooth magnetic resistance.
$265.22 $200.15

Marcy Standard Bench with 80 lb Weight Set

This Marcy Classic Standard Weight Bench is a great addition to any home workout room. Allowing you to work on your chest, legs, and arms this bench is tough and built to last for years.
$251.99 $169.99

Home Gym 66.1 lb Curl Bar with Weights

This curl bar features the angles or dips that allow trainers to use distinctive grips when lifting the bar. The bar comes with 4 different weight plates, and the maximum weight is 66.1 lb.
$182.19 $107.17

Home Gym Abdominal Exercise Adjustable L-shaped Abdominal Trainer with Resistance Straps

This abdominal and back trainer can exercise your body with high efficiency. It is perfect for doing different physical exercises at home or in the office.
$179.98 $105.87

Home Gym Fitness Exercise Incline Sit-Up Weight Bench Adjustable Multi-Position

This high quality and robust multi-functional sit up bench is an indispensible piece of equipment for people who like to exercise at home.
$164.65 $96.85

Boxing Punching Stand 2-Way Fitness Exercise Equipment

This 2-way boxing stand comes with a punching bag holder and a speedball plate and is ideal for endurance training.
$411.69 $242.17